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    Pre-Prep 2 and 3 have been thoroughly enjoying Forest School this term. Now that the colder weather has arrived we have been keeping warm by wearing extra layers and playing high energy games. The main focus in our last few sessions has been honing our tool skills and gaining confidence using the palm drills and the bow saw. The children now understand the rules involved when using more advanced tools and are able to carry out these tasks safely and confidently.

    We have been chatting about Christmas time in our talking circles and some of the boys and girls decided to make beautiful homemade decorations for their Christmas trees. Some used paint while others chose markers to decorate their wooden decorations. They all turned out so well and the children were very proud of their hard work!

    To finish our sessions we have been incorporating a ‘sit spot’ where the children sit or lie down in a part of the forest giving them an opportunity to be still, present and at one with nature. This has become one of their favourite activities.


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