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    Pre-Prep 1 Classroom News

    The boys and girls in Pre-Prep 1 have been having so much fun over the past few weeks exploring literacy and numeracy.  They have been making alphabet soup during messy play and creating prints using letter and number cutters in Playdoh. They have also been playing number bingo and using the Numicon materials.

    Keeping the focus on “All About Me” we have been chatting in Circle Time about friendship and what it means to be a good friend.  Each of the children made colourful friendship bookmarks, bracelets, and designed a Friendship Tree that is now hanging proudly in the classroom.

    The Christmas festivities have certainly begun in PP1.  The classrooms look so bright and sparkly with all of the children’s wonderful work on display;  they have also been busy creating beautiful Christmas artwork to bring home.

    All of the PP1 children have been rehearsing enthusiastically for their virtual Christmas Song extravaganza.  They sound beautiful and we can’t wait for you to see our little superstars in action!  We are so proud of them all.


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