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    Form I-P School Play

    The Phantom and The Phoenix

    Form I recently showcased their incredible talent and dedication with their spectacular play, “The Phantom and The Phoenix.” This remarkable production has culminated several weeks of hard work and commitment from these young pupils.

    Practise Makes Perfect

    Even during their mid-term break, the pupils of Form I continued to rehearse tirelessly, ensuring they were well-prepared to bring their characters to life on stage. Their dedication paid off, as they returned with flawless recollections of their lines, impressing everyone.

    Proud Teachers

    I couldn’t help but feel proud of the positive attitude exhibited by these young talents. Their hard work and enthusiasm were truly commendable. I would also like to thank the parents for their invaluable support in helping with costumes and coordination, which undoubtedly added an extra touch of magic to the performance.

    The joy and satisfaction evident on the faces of the children after the play were genuinely heartwarming. They were eager to repeat the experience, a testament to their passion for the stage and performing arts.

    Nurturing young minds at our Independent Primary School

    At Castle Park, an independent primary school known for nurturing young minds, we are committed to providing our pupils with opportunities to develop their creativity and confidence. The Form I-P play, “The Phantom and The Phoenix,” is just one example of how we encourage our students to explore their talents and thrive in a supportive and enriching environment.


    In conclusion, Form I’s “The Phantom and The Phoenix” production was a resounding success, showcasing our pupils’ incredible talent and dedication. We are immensely proud of their achievements and look forward to witnessing many more spectacular performances.

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    Ms P. Corcoran, Form Teacher I-P

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