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    Author Oisín McGann visit to Parker Library


    Author Oisín McGann Inspires Creativity and Perseverance at Our Private Primary School

    The Parker Library was brimming with excitement as we warmly welcomed the esteemed author, Oisín McGann, for a visit last Thursday. It was an extraordinary opportunity for our pupils to engage with a renowned literary figure and gain valuable insights into the world of storytelling.

    During his captivating sessions, Mr. McGann emphasized the significance of putting our ideas into words and the importance of perseverance in any task we undertake. Drawing a parallel to football training, he highlighted the dedication and practice required to hone our writing skills. His inspiring words sparked laughter, curiosity, and a renewed passion for creative expression among our pupils.

    As a special memento of his visit, Mr. McGann gifted us with three remarkable drawings. These artistic treasures will soon find their place within our school, beautifully framed and proudly displayed. They will serve as a lasting reminder of the powerful connection between literature, imagination, and our vibrant Private Primary School community.

    We extend our sincere gratitude to Oisín McGann for his visit and for sharing his time, wisdom, and artistic talent with us. His visit has enriched our literary journey, reinforcing the importance of storytelling, creativity, and the joy of writing within our curriculum.

    At our Private Primary School, we remain committed to nurturing a love for literature, fostering the imagination, and instilling resilience in our pupils. Through visits from remarkable authors like Oisín McGann, we continue to inspire and empower young minds, guiding them on a path of intellectual growth and self-expression.

    Stay tuned for more exciting literary adventures as we celebrate the power of storytelling within the warm and nurturing environment of our Private Primary School.

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