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    Art Display at Castle Park School

    The Art Department at Castle Park School: Creativity and Innovation

    The Art Department in our private primary school is always buzzing with creativity and innovation. With their specialised teacher Ms O’Neill leading the way, the pupils recently embarked on an exciting artistic journey in their first art lesson of the new school year.

    Inspiring Creativity through Coding and Geometric Designs

    Inspired by the renowned textile designer Lib Elliot, who uses coding to create her intricate quilt designs, Ms O’Neill introduced the pupils to the fascinating world of geometric square designs. The challenge was to develop their designs using limited colours and restricted to only straight cuts.

    A Diverse Display of Artistic Prowess

    The pupils enthusiastically took on the task, demonstrating their artistic prowess and unique perspectives. It was truly astonishing to witness the incredible diversity in their creations. Each child brought their imagination and skill to the table, resulting in many vibrant and captivating designs.

    Bringing the Squares Together: A Stunning Collective Piece

    Once the patchwork squares were complete, they were carefully brought together to form a stunning piece. The combination of the various designs brought an extraordinary array of colours and patterns, capturing the essence of the pupils’ creativity.

    Enhancing Logical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

    This project allowed the students to explore their artistic abilities and stimulated their logical thinking skills. By incorporating coding elements into the lesson, they could grasp the concept of patterns and structure, enhancing their problem-solving skills.

    Individual Expression

    Under the guidance of Ms O’Neill, the Art Department at Castle Park School continues to foster an environment that encourages experimentation and individual expression. Through projects like this, the students can explore different mediums and techniques, expanding their artistic horizons.

    A Bright Future for Castle Park School’s Art Department in our private primary school

    As the school year progresses, we eagerly await the next artistic endeavours of our talented pupils. With the supportive guidance of their teacher and an atmosphere conducive to creativity, Castle Park School’s Art Department is sure to produce more impressive and inspiring works of art.

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