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    Form V’s Day at the National Stud

    A Journey into the Lifecycle of Horses 

    Form V’s day at the national stud. Form V pupils had a fantastic time at the National Stud in Kildare, where they delved into the life cycle of horses and learned about these majestic creatures.

    This tour formed part of the children’s lifecycle studies in Science. The trip was an excellent opportunity for our students to explore the farm, meet some Living Legends, and even see a one-day-old foal!

    Meeting the Living Legends

    The National Stud is home to some of the world’s most famous steeplechase and flat racers, and our students were amazed to see them up close. The pupils also learned about the different ‘tack’ used by riders and trainers during races and gained an insight into the world of horse racing.

    Discovering the Tranquility of Japanese Gardens

    That’s not all; Form V also enjoyed visiting the Japanese Gardens, a perfect way to unwind after an exciting day exploring the farm.

    Learning Is Fun

    At Castle Park School, we believe that learning is fun, and this field trip was a perfect example of that. We are proud of this group for being such a well-informed group of learners!


    The National Stud offered a great educational experience for our pupils; they left with a deeper appreciation for the wonder of nature. If you’re a nature lover and enjoy outdoor learning, we highly recommend visiting the National Stud. It’s a fantastic educational experience that everyone should have!

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    Form V Castle Park Students visit the National Stud and the Japanese Gardens


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