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    CP Day: Celebrating 119 Years of Community Spirit

    Celebrating Castle Park Day. On the 15th of March, we celebrated our annual Castle Park Day (CP Day).  Despite the weather, the children had a fantastic time with lots of activities organised for both pupils and staff.  The school was buzzing with excitement, and everyone enjoyed the celebrations.

    The day began with an assembly from the School Principal, Stephen McKernan, where pupils and staff reflected on the school’s history from 1904.   Following the assembly, the whole school led a countdown and a cheer for our caretaker John, who raised the original CP flag, for what will be his final time ahead of retirement next year.    One of the highlights of the day was the cutting of the whole-school-sized cake, which was delicious and enjoyed by everyone. The cake was a symbol of the community spirit that our school fosters.

    Overall, our CP Day was a great success and a reminder of the importance of celebrating milestones and achievements.   We are already looking forward to next year when we will be celebrating Castle Park Day at 120 years old.

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