Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Our in-house catering team, led by our Catering Manager Ilaria Benzo, freshly prepares all food on-site. Including an appropriately healthy meal at midday is integral to what we offer our pupils. Our healthy eating policy encourages pupils to make sensible choices at mealtimes.

After-School Tea Menu

We invite you to click HERE to view our Instagram Stories, where you can explore our after-school Tea Menu daily. It's a great way to stay updated on the delicious and nutritious meals we offer our pupils who stay on for after-school care. This hot meal is served at 5 p.m daily.

This week's lunch menu

26th February, 2024


Irish Beef or Lentil Meatballs (1a,5)

Pasta in Tomato Sauce (1a)

Parmesan Cheese (4)

Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt Pot (1b,4)

27th February, 2024


Chicken Korma or Chickpeas Curry

Steamed Basmati Rice & Broccoli

Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt Pot (1b,4)

28th February, 2024


Roast Smoked Paprika Chicken (1a,4,5)
Selection of Vegetarian Quiches (1a,4,5)

Potato Rostí

Corn on the Cob

Fresh fruit or Yoghurt pot (1b,4)

08th February, 2024


Irish Beef lasagna or Vegetarian Lasagna (1a,4,5,10)

Garden Peas

Roasted Baby Potatoes

Fresh fruit or Yoghurt pot (1b,4)

01st March, 2024


Spanish Flavoured Pork (1a,4,5,12)

Red Lentil Sausage Rolls (1a,5)

Roasted Carrots

Mash Potato


Nutritional Information

A fresh fruit platter is available every day at lunchtime. All beef served is of Irish origin and fully traceable.

Dishes listed above contain allergens as detailed.

1. cereals: a-wheat; b-oats; c-barley

2. nuts

3. peanuts

4. milk

5. Eggs

6. fish

7. shellfish / crustaceans

8. soy beans

9. molluscs

10. mustard

11. sesame seeds

12. sulpher dioxide

13. lupin

14. celery

We maintain a nut-free environment at all times. Parents should bring to the School’s attention any other allergies that their children may suffer from, so that relevant options can be considered by our catering department.

All the beef served is 100% Irish, complying with regulations and ensuring a high-quality dining experience for our pupils

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