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    News from Form I

    Form I have taken to online learning with great determination and enthusiasm.  We were delighted to welcome two new children to our class this term and are looking forward to meeting them in person in the coming weeks.  For us, the virtual day begins with a ‘joke of the day’ which brings much laughter and smiles.  In English, we have been reading ‘The Twits’ and this has produced a wealth of creative writing.  The children have concocted revolting recipes to feed Mr Twit, character descriptions of both Mr & Mrs Twit, along with sequencing some of the terrible tricks they play on each other.  During Maths sessions, we have continued to look at number patterns in addition and subtraction along with weekly investigations. The teacher versus the class games have certainly demonstrated I-P’s competitive side!  In Gaeilge, we have moved onto a new theme ‘An Aimsir’ and the recent weather has given plenty of scope for discussion.  Social Studies has brought out I-P’s innovative side, with igloos and tepees being constructed out of several different materials.  We cannot wait to produce our next home from around the world – a mud hut!  A huge thank you to all parents for your continued support throughout this time.

    Ms P. Corcoran, Form Teacher


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