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    New Mud Kitchen & Outdoor Playhouse

    We are very grateful to Gary Kidson, Colm Torris and our Early Years staff (and pupils) for their work in planning, designing and building the wonderful Early Years mud kitchen and outdoor playhouse, both of which will promote a better sense of outdoor learning.

    Outdoor play is essential for healthy development, especially in children’s early years.  Playing outside allows a child to explore their natural environment, get creative and have fun with friends.

    The new mud kitchen is kitted out with pots, pans and multi-coloured dinner sets to help the Children cook and serve up rainwater soup & grass linguine.   With two sinks the children can work side by side, encouraging each other and building confidence.  Inside the play house known as the ‘CP Shop’, the children serve tea & coffee to friends out the window and draw pictures of food on the shiny new blackboard.  The fabulous wooden seating area branded with the Castle Park logo, is an ideal space for the Children to take a break and have a chat.

    Everyone in the Early Years Department is very excited and the Children will reap the rewards for many years to come.


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