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    A Fun-filled Week in Kindergarten 2

    A fun-filled week in Kindergarten 2

    Learning About Polar Regions Immersed in Polar Facts: 

    We began our week learning about ‘Polar Regions.’ The Early Years children enthusiastically absorbed exciting facts about polar animals, resulting in a class display board adorned with the artistic creations of their favourites.  

    Becoming Eager Polar Explorers Role-Play Adventures: 

    The polar theme extended to our role-play area, where the children became eager polar explorers. They embarked on thrilling adventures, discovering an eclectic mix of polar animals and embracing their imaginative journeys.

    Embracing the Valentine’s Day Theme Sensory Games and Fine Motor Skills: 

    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we chose this as our theme for topic work. The children engaged in sensory and fine motor skills games, fostering their development while igniting excitement for the upcoming celebrations.

    Creating Valentine’s Day Cards Expressing Love and Creativity: 

    The children have started crafting their own Valentine’s Day cards. Each card is a labour of love, showcasing their unique expressions of affection and creativity. Love is in the air in this Independent Primary School that’s for sure.

    Anticipation for the Bake Sale Culinary Excitement: 

    The upcoming bake sale has the children buzzing with anticipation. They are eager to showcase their culinary skills and contribute to this special event, spreading joy and delicious treats.

    Setting Our Sights on the Solar System Curiosity Unleashed: 

    As we conclude our current themes, our next adventure awaits – the Solar System! The children have already shown immense interest and curiosity. So stay tuned as we delve into the wonders of space.

    A pupil from early years with her hands in colourful foam for messy play

    Messy Play with foam

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