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    Leinster League A Girls’ Hockey v St Killian’s: Castle Park School on Course for Semifinals

    Castle Park School’s girls’ hockey team travelled to St Killian’s for their fourth match in the Leinster League A series. The girls were both nervous and excited, and the pressure was on as they hoped to maintain their unbeaten record.

    Early Scoring Opportunities

    The girls got off to a strong start, creating numerous scoring opportunities, but St Killian’s was the first team to actually score. However, Castle Park responded quickly with Cecilia in top form, scoring a goal to level the score. The score at halftime was 2-2, leaving both teams with everything to play for in the second half.

    Second Half Comeback

    After halftime, the girls came out fighting and their desire to win was evident. They remained organised, dedicated and committed as they chased victory. And their hard work paid off when Cecilia scored the winning goal, securing a 3-2 victory for Castle Park School.

    On Course for Semifinals

    This win marks the team’s fourth victory in as many matches and cements their place at the top of the Leinster League A series. With each match, the girls’ confidence and strength grow, and they are now on course to make the semifinals, with the possibility of a home fixture.

    Proud of Our Team

    As the coach, I am extremely proud of the girls’ performance on the field. Their determination and commitment came to the fore during the game, and they deservedly earned their victory. Congratulations to the girls for their outstanding achievement and best of luck in their upcoming matches!

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