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    Spring News from the Science Room

    Introduction: A Warm Welcome and Appreciation

    A welcoming hello from the Science room! Although the lab is not the same without Ms
    Prendergast, the students are all working hard to make her proud. It has been a pleasure to
    walk into such a formidable, hands-on science program! I have been most impressed with the
    pupil’s inquiring minds and their positive attitudes. Please read below to find out what we have
    been up to over the past few months.

    Form II: Discovering Sound and Animals

    Form II has been learning about ‘Sound’. We discovered that sound travels by vibrations
    through various mediums. Students concluded that there would be no sound in space, and we
    experimented with whispers and different pitches. We are now starting our unit, ‘Animal
    Adventures,’ learning how to group animals.

    Form III: Volcanos and Teeth

    It has been an explosive term in Form III. In our ‘Volcano’ unit, we learned about different
    types of volcanos and how and why volcanos erupt. The culmination of this study was creating
    papier-mâché volcanos and erupting our models in the Rose Garden. The pupils are now starting a unit about ‘Teeth, Oral Hygiene and Taste’.

    Form IV: From Seeds to Rainforest

    Form IV concluded its ‘Seeds’ study and is now in the middle of the ‘Rain Forest’ unit –
    learning all about this fascinating habitat. Pupils have finished individual research projects
    about the animals that live in the various layers. They are now working together to design
    dioramas of the rainforest.

    Form V: Mixtures, Materials, and Surviving Cold Winters

    After finishing a unit about ‘Mixtures and Materials,’ Form V is now discovering how ‘Animals
    Survive Cold Winters’. We’ve had fun learning about migration, hibernation, and various
    adaptations – how do you survive the winter months?

    Form VI: Science Blast

    Science Blast has been the focus of Form VI. Each class has been busy designing and collecting data for their own experiment. We are now in the process of writing up our observations and
    conclusions – the pupils will be presenting their projects at the RDS in late February.
    Remember to keep asking questions! Keep wondering! Keep exploring!

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