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    High Performance Learning – Linking and Analysing

    High Performance Learning – Linking and Analysing

    20th October 2023

    During this week’s Teaching Assembly, we delved deeper into the skills of Linking and Analysing. Building upon our exploration of Seamus Heaney’s poem ‘The Forge’ last week, we shifted our focus to tackle spelling. ‘Linking’ is a valuable technique for enhancing memory by actively seeking connections during the learning process, and in the Assembly, the pupils utilised this method to help them master complex/tricky spellings. They were encouraged to dig into the words and discover connections among the letters, making it easier to remember how to spell them accurately. This not only made the process more engaging but also significantly more effective.

    Here are some examples:

    • During our analysis of the word ‘Committee’, we made an interesting observation: the word contains two ‘m’s, two ‘t’s, and two ‘e’s. This discovery led us to a creative mnemonic method for remembering the spelling. We associated this pattern with the notion that a committee enjoys hearing information twice, which served as a fun and effective memory aid.
    • We also examined the word ‘Government’ and noted that its primary purpose is to govern. This observation helped our senior pupils remember the commonly overlooked ‘n’ in the word.
    • Lastly, we considered the word ‘veterinary’ and the fact that the ‘er’ is often left out. To make the spelling easier to remember, we made a clever connection by highlighting that a Veterinary Clinic is also called an Animal ‘ER’.

    Please take a look at the additional examples below from the Sir Linkalot Website

    Linking and Analysing in the Early Years Department

    Our Early Years children have also enthusiastically embraced these concepts. Ms Kennedy and the Early Years Teachers have introduced a highly engaging High-Performance Learning (HPL) Board specifically designed for our young learners. This innovative board features characters representing each ACP (Advanced Cognitive Performance) skill, with this week’s characters ‘Analysing Andy’ and ‘Linking Larry’ among them.

    Please take a moment to view the images of ‘Analysing Andy’ and ‘Linking Larry’ below.

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