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    FCP Parents’ Day

    A Fun-filled Sports Day and Outdoor Stalls

    Parents cheering from the sidelines

    The weather smiled upon us for the FCP Parents’ Day, allowing us to hold all our stalls and events outdoors in conjunction with our exhilarating Sports Day. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who lent a helping hand and offered their support. The vibrant atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as children eagerly joined in the multitude of activities, ensuring a day filled with joy and excitement.

    Exciting Activities for Children of All Ages

    From face painting and nail art to temporary tattoos, the younger children revelled in the magical transformations offered by these delightful activities. Laughter and giggles echoed through the air as their imaginations soared. Meanwhile, the older children delighted in indulging their taste buds by purchasing scrumptious cakes to enjoy after their mouthwatering barbeque lunch. The array of activities catered to children of all ages, ensuring that everyone found something to treasure.

    Art, Games, and Entertainment

    Once the sports activities concluded, the older children showcased their entrepreneurial skills by setting up stalls and organising engaging games in front of the majestic Castle. Their creativity shone through as they displayed their talents in various crafts, games, and interactive experiences. The Street came alive with the melodies of buskers, creating a delightful ambience that resonated with the joyous energy of the event. Parents and friends embraced the opportunity to view the spectacular Art Exhibition, celebrating the creative achievements of our talented students.

    Gratitude for Support and Wishes for a Joyful Summer Break

    As the day drew to a close, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all for the tremendous support we have received throughout the year. Your unwavering dedication has made each event a resounding success, and we are immensely grateful. We wish you all a wonderful summer holiday filled with memorable moments and rejuvenation. We eagerly await the start of a new academic year in September, when we will warmly welcome you back to our esteemed Private Primary School.

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