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    Welcome Bertie

    Welcome Bertie

    It is with great pleasure that we welcome the newest addition to Castle Park School- Bertie, the school companion dog! It has been a long-standing request of the Student Council that we should have a dog in our School, and we’re delighted to have made this a reality.

    Bertie’s Arrival

    After Jupiter, the pup visited the School recently, we thought he would have made a perfect addition to Castle Park due to his gentle temperament and excellent breeding stock.  So our Principal travelled to Gorey to pick up Jupiter’s brother, Bertie, and here we are.

    Bertie’s Role

    Bertie will be based around the School Office and, in time, will be booked to assist in our new Sensory Room and has already soothed pupils who have visited the First Aid Room or felt unwell. School dogs can promote creativity and the sense that School is a home away from home.

    The Benefits of a School Dog

    A leading and renowned principal and now academic, Anthony Seldon, said recently, “Dogs are a powerful way of helping children feel more secure at school and offer a low-tech approach to reducing anxiety”.

    Follow Bertie’s Adventures

    We are thrilled to have Bertie as part of our school and look forward to the memories he will make. Follow his adventures on Instagram here

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