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    Exploring African Music as part of our Private Primary School Curriculum

    A pupil singing and playing the Ukulele

    Exploring African Music and the Ukulele at our Private Primary School

    Our Form V students recently learned about African music, known for its rich and diverse qualities.

    While exploring African music, the group had the opportunity to learn and play different melodies on the ukulele. One of the well-liked tunes was ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ from the Harry Potter series. Their expressions of happiness and satisfaction as they mastered these melodies were heartening.

    Experimenting with Percussion Instruments

    In addition to learning the ukulele, the students also had the opportunity to experiment with different percussion instruments, such as bells, chimes, and drums. These instruments were added to their performances, creating a unique and captivating sound. The pupils’ ability to create beautiful music through dedication and hard work is remarkable.

    Learning about the Kora Instrument from West Africa

    In addition, our students have encountered the ‘Kora’ instrument from West Africa, also called the African Harp, while researching African music. Exploring various instruments and their cultural importance aids in expanding their global awareness and fostering a sense of global citizenship.

    Using Body Percussion in Music Education

    The Music Department utilises body percussion to enhance the groups’ engagement. Adding beats, clicks, and claps to the song ‘Banaha’ from Congo was a fun experience for the students. This form of music-making improves physical coordination and rhythmic abilities. It also fosters teamwork and cooperation as they synchronise their movements to create a harmonious sound.

    Extracurricular Instrument Lessons at our Private Primary School

    Our Private Primary School offers extracurricular instrument lessons to enhance pupils’ musical abilities. These lessons allow students to choose a specific instrument to develop their skills, such as piano, violin, drum, guitar, and more.

    • The Extensive Benefits of Music Education

    The benefits of our private primary school’s Music Department and extracurricular instrument lessons are extensive. Numerous studies have demonstrated that music education enhances cognitive skills, language development, and spatial-temporal skills.

    • Self-Expression and Creativity in Music Lessons

    Furthermore, music lessons offer an opportunity for self-expression and creativity, allowing pupils to express their emotions and thoughts healthily and constructively. Additionally, engaging in music activities can enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem.

    Castle Park private primary school recognises the significance of a dedicated Music Department in offering a well-rounded education to our pupils. We strive to foster a passion for music, encourage creativity, and develop essential life skills through music and extracurricular instrument lessons.

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