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    Exploring Nature in Forest School

    Forest School at our Independent Primary School in Co.Dublin: Exploring Nature and Building Skills

    At our Independent Primary School, Junior and Senior Infants have been fully immersed in the wonders of exploring nature in Forest School

    As the colder weather descends on Dublin, we have equipped ourselves with extra layers to keep warm while engaging in high-energy games. Our recent Forest School sessions have focused on honing tool skills and instilling confidence in using palm drills and bow saws. Through careful guidance, our students have internalized the safety rules of handling advanced tools and can now execute tasks confidently and efficiently.

    Exploring Creativity and the Festive Spirit

    The approaching Christmas season has been exciting in our Forest School sessions. During our talking circles, conversations revolved around the holiday season. To embrace the spirit of Christmas, some of our boys and girls decided to craft beautiful homemade decorations for their Christmas trees. Using various materials such as paint and markers, they adorned wooden ornaments with their creative flair. The results were stunning, and our Junior and Senior Infants took great pride in their masterpieces.

    Connecting with Nature and Cultivating Serenity

    As we wind down our Forest School adventures, we have introduced a unique activity called the ‘sit spot.’ This peaceful practice involves finding a secluded area in the forest where the Early Years children can sit or lie down, immersing themselves in nature and finding stillness. This serene experience has quickly become a favourite amongst the children, allowing them to be present and attuned to the natural world and the beautiful forest surroundings of our South Co.Dublin School.

    The benefits of having an onsite Forest School at our Independent primary school in Dalkey, Co.Dublin

    • Forest School at our Independent Primary School provides an enriching experience for our pupils. It allows them to explore nature hands-on and immersively, developing a deep connection with their environment. 
    • Through high-energy games and honing tool skills, the Early Years children build their physical strength and coordination while learning essential safety rules and confidence in using tools like palm drills and bow saws.
    • In addition to building skills and fostering creativity, Forest School helps our pupils cultivate essential values such as respect for nature and mindfulness. 
    • Overall, Forest School plays a vital role in the holistic development of our pupils. It provides them with a unique learning experience that cannot be replicated within the confines of a classroom. Forest School at our Independent Primary School in Dalkey, Co.Dublin, is a fun, valuable and enriching part of our curriculum.

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