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    Christmas Hamper Appeal

    School girls gathering Christmas Hampers

    Our Private Primary School Christmas Hamper Appeal – 2020

    Appreciation for the Support from Our Community.  We thank everyone who contributed to our private primary school Hamper Appeal this Christmas. The Early Years and Prep classes showed incredible generosity, highlighting the giving spirit in our community. Together, we created food hampers filled with essential items and festive treats, which will bring joy to local families in need.

    Generosity Demonstrated in the Classroom

    The Early Years and Prep classes have again donated to help others, including canned goods and sweets. These donations reflect the compassion of our school community, and it is inspiring to see their empathy and selflessness throughout this Private School ‘Hamper Appeal’ initiative.

    Our Private School Hamper Appeal: Distributing Holiday Joy to Local Families

    Due to your donations, Castle Park Primary School in Dalkey will distribute carefully selected hampers to deserving local families in the upcoming week. These families will not only receive necessary food items but also feel the support and compassion of our community during the holiday season. Your generosity enables us to create meaningful moments for those who require assistance, reassuring them that they have company in their struggles.

    The Importance of Community Giving

    At our private primary school in Dalkey, we believe in promoting values that extend beyond academics. The Hamper Appeal offers our pupils a valuable chance to learn about empathy, compassion, and contributing to society. Through active involvement in initiatives like this, our pupils grasp the significance of their actions on others’ lives and develop a stronger sense of social responsibility.

    At our school, we firmly believe in instilling values of empathy and social responsibility in our students, and the Hamper Appeal is just one way we accomplish this. Together, we can make a difference and create a stronger, more compassionate community.

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