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    Discover our Forest School and Outdoor Classrooms

    The Importance of Outdoor Education for Children.

    With the rise in indoor activities and technology, there has been a growing concern about the lack of time children spend outdoors. This is why we have implemented Forest School and Outdoor Classrooms at Castle Park School in Dalkey, Co. Dublin, into our curriculum, making it a unique private primary school experience in Dublin.

    Two girls from our Kindergarten 2 class leaning some paper against a tree in forest school

    Having fun in Forest School, Dalkey, Co. Dublin

    Forest School: Learning in a Natural Environment

    As a private primary school in Dublin, Castle Park School values the importance of outdoor education. Our Forest School program allows children to learn in a natural environment where they can experience the benefits of being outside. From learning about flora and fauna to developing life skills such as teamwork and communication, Forest School is a great way to enrich children’s educational experiences.

    5 children from our K2 class putting beads onto some pipe cleaners

    A group from our K2 class working on beads in Forest School

    Benefits of Outdoor Classrooms for Children’s Education

    Our Outdoor Classrooms are designed to provide a comfortable learning environment outside of traditional indoor classrooms. In addition, these classrooms are equipped with amenities that facilitate the learning process. It’s a great way to take learning outside and make it more engaging for children.

    A group of children in the outdoor classroom

    Form I ‘Show and tell’ in the outdoor classroom

    Personalised Education at Castle Park School

    As an independent primary school, Castle Park School understands the importance of providing an education that meets each child’s needs. Our Forest School and Outdoor Classrooms programmes are just two examples of how we are dedicated to providing a unique and personalised educational experience.

    A group from our K2 class climbing on branches and smiling for the camera

    Kindergarten 2 class having fun in Forest School

    A Unique Private Primary School Experience in Dublin

    If you’re looking for a private primary school in Dublin that values outdoor education and provides a personalised learning experience, Castle Park School is the one for you. Our commitment to providing quality education and a unique learning environment makes us the top choice for parents in Co. Dublin.

    A boy from our K2 class swinging on a rope swing

    Swinging on a rope swing amidst the beauty of Forest School

    Choose Castle Park School for a Holistic Educational Experience

    So if you’re searching for a private primary school in Dublin, consider Castle Park School. With our Forest School and Outdoor Classrooms programmes, we are at the forefront of providing a holistic educational experience for children.

    Form IV working on a SEAL exercise in the outdoor classroom area

    SEAL exercises in the outdoor classroom area

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