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    Form I in the Science Room

    The Form I pupils have been experimenting with lumps of plasticine, making boats and elephants and trying to discover why boats float, but elephants don’t!

    Form I – Experimenting in the Science Room

    At Castle Park Private Primary School, our Form I class is a dynamic and enthusiastic group of young learners who thrive in a world of exploration, discovery, and hands-on experimentation. Our dedicated educators understand the importance of engaging students through captivating projects that foster a love for learning and cultivate essential skills and knowledge.

    In a recent project, our Form I students embarked on an exciting adventure centred around lumps of plasticine. This project proved to be an ideal platform for them to delve into the captivating concepts of buoyancy and object density. With eager anticipation, they set out to investigate and understand why particular objects float while others sink in water.

    With their creative minds at work, the students crafted boats and elephants using the versatile plasticine material. This imaginative play brought joy and excitement to the classroom and served as a powerful tool for experiential learning. As they observed and interacted with their creations in water, they began to witness the stark differences in behaviour between the floating boats and the sinking elephants.

    Beyond the academic benefits, this project also gave our students many additional advantages. It nurtured their creativity as they imagined, bringing their boat and elephant designs to life. It encouraged teamwork and collaboration as they shared ideas, problem-solved together, and celebrated each other’s discoveries. Furthermore, the hands-on nature of the project enhanced their fine motor skills and promoted holistic development.

    In our Form I class, learning is not confined to textbooks; it is an exciting journey filled with curiosity, exploration, and fun. By immersing themselves in projects like this plasticine experiment, our students cultivate a love for science and a thirst for knowledge that will serve them well throughout their educational journey and beyond.

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