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    Form VI’s Personal Development Day

    Thanks to Mark and Paddy in the kitchen, we shared a special cooked breakfast with everyone in Form VI and this set us up for the busy day ahead of us! We participated in games and discussed scenarios and situations that required good leadership. We looked at skills and language we thought were essential in getting these tasks completed in the best possible way. Thanks to Mr Hillman and Mr Tindale for creating games and putting the Adventure Playground to the most interesting use yet!


    Then the big task was outlined for us: to develop and hone these skills by organising two different fundraising events during the school year. Two different groups of Houses joined forces to research and put forward a charity to fundraise for. They were given freedom in their choices and encouraged to choose something close to their hearts. This part of the day involved lots of hearty discussion and in the end, the groups had to decide what method they would use to compromise and decide on one charity each. This involved lots of communication, debate, initiative, listening, compromise and even a little sense of humour! In the end, after putting the options to a vote, the charities have been chosen! The day drew to an appropriate close with a reflection session led by Ms Brady and joined by Fr Declan. It brought a certain calm and quiet reflection time for us to sit together as a group and digest the content of the day. (Form VIP Language Experience write-up)


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