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    Pringle House fundraiser

    Julia, VIP, reports that on Friday 1st May Pringle House raised money for their chosen charity, Temple Street Children’s Hospital, with the help of all the sixth formers and our form teachers. The preparation started on the day of the Form VI Personal Development Day when we decided to base our day on Mexico.

    There was a variety of games on offer, which included Toss the Peso in the Sombrero, Pin the Moustache on the Mexican, Bang, and Musical Statues. The children enjoyed learning the macerena and shaking their maracas, which were made by us and sold in the Front Hall, as well as Lindt bunnies and decorative biscuits and badges from Temple Street which were generously provided by Matthew. Also in the Front Hall were two competitions – How Many Beans in the Jar and a Raffle. By the end of the day, Pringle House had raised €696 for Temple Street.


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