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    Dublin Primary Schools Athletics’ Meet


    Castle Park School Athletes Shine at Dublin Primary Schools Athletics Meet

    The athletes from our Private Primary School showcased their exceptional talent and competitive spirit at the Dublin Primary Schools Athletics events held on Monday and Thursday. With outstanding performances in various disciplines, our students brought glory to our school, leaving a lasting impression on the athletic arena.

    Gold Medal Victories in Hurdles and 600m Races

    It was a moment of triumph as Aisling Beecham secured the gold medal in the u14 hurdles event, displaying remarkable agility, speed, and precision. Charlotte Bourke also emerged as a gold medalist in the u12 600m race, demonstrating incredible endurance and an unwavering determination to succeed. These outstanding victories highlight the dedication and perseverance of our athletes, showcasing their commitment to excellence in their chosen disciplines.

    Success in High Jump: Showcasing Skill and Talent

    The high jump event witnessed remarkable performances from our talented athletes. Timothy Capiello claimed a well-deserved medal in the u12 category, showcasing his impressive technique and ability to soar to new heights. Isabella Danciu also shone brightly, earning a medal in the u14 high jump event, demonstrating her exceptional skills and determination. Aimee Dolan achieved a brilliant silver medal in the u12 high jump, showcasing her incredible talent and adding to our school’s success in the field events.

    Notable Performances: Determination and Excellence at Our Private Primary School

    The Dublin Primary Schools Athletics events saw several notable performances from our athletes. Alexander Kelly displayed remarkable strength and endurance, securing an impressive fourth-place finish in the fiercely competitive 600m race. Gavin Hefferon showcased his jumping prowess, leaping to a height of 1.20m and securing a commendable fourth place in the high jump event. Sarah McGoldrick delivered a fantastic performance in the hurdles final, exhibiting great skill and determination. Ella Tindale demonstrated courage and determination in her 600m race, while Shane Mangan showcased his talent by qualifying for the u12 hurdle final. These outstanding performances highlight the commitment, resilience, and excellence of our athletes at our Private Primary School.

    By participating in the Dublin Primary Schools Athletics events, our Private Primary School athletes have not only achieved remarkable success but have also demonstrated the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal growth. We celebrate their accomplishments and commend their dedication to their chosen sports.

    Well done everyone who trained so hard and then competed to such a high standard, you were all a credit to Castle Park.

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