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    RDS Primary Schools Science Fair

    RDS Primary Science Fair

    The RDS Primary Science Fair is an annual event. It brings together primary school students from all over Ireland to showcase their scientific discoveries and experiments. This year, Form VI pupils from our school had the opportunity to participate in the fair and present their findings on the growth patterns of stick insects. In this blog post, we will explore their project and share their amazing discoveries.

    Observation and Experimentation

    For several months, the Form VI pupils worked hard on observing and experimenting with stick insects to identify the best conditions and food for their growth. The project involved the use of three different leaves – privet, rose, and bramble. The pupils recorded the growth patterns of the stick insects fed with each of the three leaves and plotted their findings on graphs and diagrams.

    Findings and Conclusions

    One major finding of the research was that privet is not a good food for Indian walking stick insects. The pupils discovered that stick insects fed with privet did not grow well and were prone to dying. They also observed that stick insects fed with rose and bramble grew better, indicating that these two types of leaves contain the necessary nutrients for the insects to thrive.

    Sharing their Discoveries

    At the RDS Primary Science Fair, the Form VI pupils had the opportunity to showcase their findings and share their discoveries with other students and visitors. They welcomed visitors to their stand and were able to answer the many questions that were addressed to them. It was a great opportunity for them to hone their communication skills and inspire others to take an interest in science.


    Overall, the RDS Primary Science Fair was a fantastic opportunity for our Form VI pupils to showcase their scientific knowledge and discoveries. They were able to demonstrate their dedication and hard work in conducting experiments and analysing data to make new discoveries.

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