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    World Book Day Activities

    We had a truly wonderful and enchanting day celebrating World Book Day at our school. The atmosphere was alive with excitement and anticipation as we immersed ourselves in a variety of engaging activities centred around the joy of reading.

    World Book Day 2015

    A heartfelt expression of gratitude goes out to the incredible parents from our international families who generously took the time to visit The Street and share stories in their native languages with our eager children. The presence of diverse cultures and languages created a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, enriching the experience for everyone involved. Witnessing parents captivating their young audience with tales from different corners of the world was truly magical.

    The school was abuzz with enthusiasm as the children eagerly participated in the day’s events. In the Early Years Montessori department, we were fortunate to have the talented singer and musician, Dylan Walshe, grace us with his presence. Through his captivating storytelling songs, he transported the children to imaginative worlds, where they laughed, clapped, and enthusiastically joined in with hand movements. Their eyes sparkled with delight, and their smiles lit up the room, as they embraced the power of music and storytelling.

    One of the highlights of the day was the “Where Do You Read?” competition, which inspired our young readers to embark on imaginative reading adventures. The display boards in The Street proudly showcased a myriad of photographs capturing our students engrossed in their books in the most extraordinary and imaginative places. From perching on surfboards to finding solace on top of cupboards and even delving into the pages of a book while on horseback, their creativity knew no bounds. We extend our deepest appreciation to all who participated in the competition and shared their delightful reading moments with us.

    World Book Day was more than just a celebration of literature; it was a testament to the power of storytelling, imagination, and the joy of discovering new worlds through books. The day nurtured a deep love for reading, fostering a lifelong passion for learning and exploration. It served as a reminder that within the pages of a book, endless possibilities and adventures await us all.

    As we reflect on the memories created during this extraordinary day, we extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to its success. Together, we celebrated the beauty of literature, embraced the rich tapestry of cultures within our school community, and ignited a flame of curiosity that will continue to burn brightly within our young readers for years to come.

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