Image of Form V pupils on the stage for Shrek the Musical

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  • A photo of Shrek on stage at the beginning of the play

    Shrek The Musical Jr.

    Outstanding Performances of Forms V & VI Shrek The Musical Jr was a magnificent performance … Read more >

    Form III-P Class Play

    Last Thursday the 23rd of February, Form III-P performed their outstanding class play, ‘If You … Read more >

    News from the Music Department

    In their music lessons, Forms III and IV have enjoyed getting to grips with the … Read more >

    Form VI Music Theory Lessons

    Form VI have been very busy this past fortnight in their Zoom classes keeping up … Read more >

    Exploring African Music as part of our Private Primary School…

    Exploring African Music and the Ukulele at our Private Primary School Our Form V students … Read more >

    Intermediate Singing Competition 2020

    Just before the mid-term break, teachers and pupils were treated to a wonderful performance by … Read more >

    Boughey Trophy House Music Competition

    We have had a very exciting few weeks in Castle Park as the entire Prep … Read more >

    Summer Concert – Forms III & IV

    Last Friday, 15th June, it was the turn of Forms III & IV to present … Read more >

    School Musical – Madagascar Jnr.

    A well deserved congratulations to our Form V & VI pupils for a fantastic performance … Read more >

    Boughey Trophy House Music Competition 2019

    This year’s Boughey Trophy House Music Competition was an exciting event for all involved. The … Read more >

    Choirs for Christmas

    There was some exciting news for the boys and girls in Form V and VI … Read more >

    Senior Choir Highly Commended

    Many congratulations to the members of the Senior Choir whose entry in the lyricFM Carols … Read more >

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