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    Numeracy & Literacy in our Early Years Department

    Engaging Numeracy and Literacy Activities for Pre-Prep 1 Children

    The children in Pre-Prep 1 have been learning about literacy and numeracy. They have been engaged in activities such as making alphabet soup and creating prints with letter and number cutters. Number bingo and using Numicon materials have also been popular.

    Strengthening numeracy and literacy skills in early years education offers numerous benefits. Activities like alphabet soup, letter and number cutters, number bingo, and Numicon materials enhance children’s literacy and numeracy foundations. They develop a love for reading, writing, and communication while gaining number recognition, counting, and problem-solving skills. By nurturing these skills early on, we empower children to succeed academically and foster a lifelong love for learning.

    In other news:

    The importance of friendship and social skills is emphasised

    During Circle Time, we discussed friendship and its significance in line with our “All About Me” theme. Each child has created friendship bookmarks and bracelets and contributed to a Friendship Tree prominently displayed in the classroom.

    Christmas festivities are celebrated in PP1

    The Christmas spirit has arrived in PP1. Our classrooms have festive displays with the children’s artwork. They have made Christmas pieces to take home and decorate their own spaces.

    Virtual Christmas Song Extravaganza will be taking place

    The PP1 children have been practising for their virtual Christmas Song extravaganza. Their performances are beautiful, and we are excited for you to see them. We are proud of all of them.

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