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    2017 RDS Primary Science Fair

    The Hot Topic of Insulation

    Can We Demonstrate Where the Heat Goes?

    A report on their research project, entered into the Primary Science Fair at the RDS January 2017, from the pupils in Form VI at Castle Park School. Having examined the thermal properties of many different materials, we set out to design and construct our own model houses incorporating the most efficient materials and building processes which we then assessed using a thermal imaging App on the iPad. Aaron tells us – “my favourite part was when we began building the houses (even though it didn’t really work well!) and testing the heat of the houses when they were finished, measuring it with thermal imaging and digital thermometers.”

    The judge who assessed the project at the Primary Science Fair summed up his findings:

    “This was a superb project. The question was a good one to ask especially in this “green” focused era. Well done on predicting what you thought would happen and for fully reporting the different findings. It was great you put this question to the test with an array of interesting experiments. Your use of digital technology, art & craft, observation, testing and recording was fantastic. Your project was so hands on. I found your presentation so clear and easy to understand. Your verbal presentation was excellent. I found your results so relevant even to my own school. All I can suggest is that you keep coming back every year, as the talent, skill and enthusiasm of your school needs to be seen by others to inspire them. Thanks to your teacher, parents and yourselves as pupils for taking part and representing your school so well. Well done!”

    Many thanks to all the pupils from Form VI and to Ms Prendergast, Head of Science, for their hard work and enthusiasm yet again this year..


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