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    Social Studies research in the Parker Library

    Social Studies research in the Parker Library

    India & Maisie from Form VI-P tell us that the had the opportunity to look at some genuine World War artifacts and replicas during their Social Studies class on Thursday. “By looking at those objects, we learned that things back then, though mostly made out of wood and metal, were durable and very cleverly made. The only downside was that they were extremely heavy. We could not imagine carrying the items for hours on end! We got the chance to see how they lived in the trenches during wartime. They had telescopes that were used to peer over the sandbags lining the trenches, to see the enemy lines. Everything had a special packaging made of leather, canvas, felt or wood to protect it from the elements. It was amazing to see how these artifacts had survived for so long, and how they influenced our inventions today.”

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