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  • A photo of the Castle

    CP Day: Celebrating 119 Years of Community Spirit

    Celebrating Castle Park Day. On the 15th of March, we celebrated our annual Castle Park … Read more >

    Form V’s Day at the National Stud

    A Journey into the Lifecycle of Horses  Form V’s day at the national stud. Form … Read more >

    AIJS Hockey Tournament Win

    Last week, the Castle Park Boys Hockey Team made history by winning the prestigious AIJS … Read more >

    Form III-P Class Play

    Last Thursday the 23rd of February, Form III-P performed their outstanding class play, ‘If You … Read more >

    World Book Day and Literacy Week

    Literacy Week: A Celebration of Literature and Imagination at Castle Park School Castle Park School … Read more >

    A visit from Elstree School Hockey Team

    Well done to our Form V and VI girls who played against Elstree School Hockey … Read more >

    A boy from the K2 class with a painting cloak on painting a picture

    A Fun-filled Week in Kindergarten 2

    A fun-filled week in Kindergarten 2 Learning About Polar Regions Immersed in Polar Facts:  We … Read more >

    News from the Classroom – Form II

    It has been a busy few weeks for Form II. One of the major highlights … Read more >

    Spring News from the Science Room

    Introduction: A Warm Welcome and Appreciation A welcoming hello from the Science room! Although the … Read more >

    Internet Safety Evening

    On Tuesday 21st of February, we will welcome Wayne Denner to the School to hold … Read more >

    New Mud Kitchen & Outdoor Playhouse

    We are very grateful to Gary Kidson, Colm Torris and our Early Years staff (and … Read more >

    Form II-P & Form IV-C Plays

    Over the last few weeks, Form II-P and IV-C have been working very hard to … Read more >

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